Solmukohta 2008 - Looking Ahead

Welcome to Solmukohta 2008

Welcome! Whether you are an old Solmukohta veteran or new to the event, we bid you warmly welcome to join us for the twelfth Solmukohta event near Helsinki, Finland in Spring 2008.

Starship Solmukohta has officially reached its destination

The crew would like to thank all the passengers for the journey of the year. The Kiljavanranta Conference Center certainly made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs!

In case you have any comments, questions, opinions and ideas about Solmukohta 2008, tell them on our board, or if you want to give feedback privately or have forgotten anything at the hotel, the crew will gladly answer at

We hope to see you all next year in Norway!

Solmukohta (known as Knutepunkt, Knutpunkt or Knudepunkt when held in Norway, Sweden or Denmark respectively) is an annual Nordic role-playing convention with a strong emphasis on live-action role-playing.

Since the first event, Solmukohta has evolved into the main venue of cooperation between Nordic role-playing gamers. The panels, lectures and workshops are a goldmine for finding new ideas about gaming and game organizing, and for floating old ideas around - it is a wonder how many old ideas in one gaming culture are found to be a novelty in another.

Solmukohta is not, however, only about the talks and seminars. It is about meeting interesting people and sharing your ideas and views with them – it is about having fun and finding inspiration. The event is built and constructed in the parties and informal meetings, as well as in A Week in Finland – the weeklong pre-event filled with larps, meetings and glamorous parties.

In the last few years, the event has expanded its horizons considerably. In addition to the main Nordic countries, the last few years have seen participants from USA, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Israel and Russia. We’d love to see this trend continue – broader horizons bring more ideas and a better view on how gaming works in different cultures.

So, no matter where you are from, no matter whether you are an old gaming enthusiast or new to the live-action role-playing scene, welcome!


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