Solmukohta 2008 - Looking Ahead

Playground Worlds

Creating and Evaluating Experiences of Role-Playing Games

The Electronic Edition of the Book for Solmukohta 2008. Edited by Markus Montola & Jaakko Stenros.

ISBN 978-952-92-3579-7 (paperback) ISBN 978-952-92-3580-3 (pdf)

Download the Electronic Edition of Playground Worlds as a pdf

Playground Worlds is a collection of articles on role-playing games by leading researchers, artists and other experts. The book documents the theory and practice of the Nordic role-playing scene – one of the most vibrant in the world -– and presents numerous methods and techniques that are directly applicable to larp design and production. It also offers a peek into some Anglo-American role-playing cultures.

The book is divided into three sections. Community and Journalism includes articles on role-player communities written particularly with an eye for approachability. Art and Design covers role-play as the product of a creative process, exposing philosophies and intentions behind specific role-playing works while providing advice and guidance for prospective designers. The Research and Theory section focuses on recent advances in analytic and academic thought on role-play.

Ropecon ry published the paperback version of Playground Worlds for Solmukohta 2008 in April 2008, and it is now also available free for download. You may also still order paper copies.

You can also browse the paper abstracts and view promotional images.

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