Solmukohta 2008 - Looking Ahead

Promotional Images

Writing about Playground Worlds in your blog or website? Feel free to use the following promotional images for illustration.

The cover of Playground Worlds. (Cover by Erkka Pynnönen, the cover photograph by Bjarke Pedersen).

Characters from Agerbørn. (Photograph by Jens Niros).

The players of Totem were covered in clay and painted elaborately. (Photograph by Rasmus Høgdall).

Medieval armor from Treasure Trap of the 1980's. (Photograph by Malcolm Rich).

Dragonbane costumes. (Photograph by Dragonbane project).

The Road Knights walking The White Road. (Photograph by Bjarke Pedersen).

Some more Playground Worlds.

The entire series of Solmukohta books, from different years and countries.


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