Solmukohta 2008 - Looking Ahead

Order Playground Worlds

The Solmukohta 2008 book Playground Worlds: Creating and Evaluating Experiences of Role-Playing Games can now be ordered by emailing the editors at book at solmukohta dot org.

The price of the first copy is €20, but the further copies are sold much cheaper: You may want to gather up a few friends or take some to your local convention to get the discount.

  • 1 copy for €20
  • 2 copies for €35
  • 3 copies for €50
  • 4 copies for €60
  • + €10 for each further copy

To this we add the postage and packing.

You can pay with PayPal or a domestic money transfer. Please note that PayPal accepts all major credit cards. You will get the payment details with email from the editors. (We are using Nordea accounts, so in Nordic countries a Nordea transactions probably work cheaply as well.).

We also have a few copies of Beyond Role and Play for sale at the same price, so buying one copy of the both books would cost you a total of €35 plus postage and packing.

At a later date, we will also publish an electronic edition as a freely downloadable PDF. However, the PDF version is published as ransomware; given out only after a sufficient number of paper copies have been sold. The funds raised by the paperback sales are used to support Solmukohta 2008, by partially paying back the financial support we received from our benefactor, Ropecon ry.

How Much is the Postage and Packing?

Some samples to give you an idea. We'll add examples as we go.

  • EU, 1 book: €4.50
  • EU, 2 books: €7
  • USA, 1 book: €6
  • USA, 2 books: €8
  • Finland, 1 book: €4
  • Finland, 2 books: €6
  • Japan, 1 book: €6
  • Japan, 2 books: €8

All examples in Economy.


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