Solmukohta 2008 - Looking Ahead

What should I bring under any circumstances?
• Passport or some other ID.
• Credit card and/or euros. Please remember that Visa Electron and Maestro works usually, which means that propably not when you have no cash with you. (All travelling tickets have to be bought by cash anyway).
• Toothbrush, soap… We sincerely appreciate this, so does your roommates.
• Bathing suit for the pool.
• Clothes, normal ones. It's Finnish spring so it can be anything between -10 to +15 C. Please check the weather forecast before leaving your home country.
• Costume for the Saturday gala: Retrofuturism
• Pictures, larp magazines, flyers and others stuff to show and tell others about your local larp scene.

What should I bring, if I participate in A Week in Finland as well
• Towels, sleeping bags and other sleeping gear - Talk to your host about it.
• If you wish for, some little souvinier from your homeland to your host.

What should I leave at home?
• Your coolest and weirdest larp costumes (including weapons). Usually nobody participates on a conference in elf ears or chain mail. PLEASE NOTE that this doesn't apply if your coolest and weirdest larp costume suits for the saturday night retro futuristic gala. :)
• Huge amounts of food and/or alcohol. There 2 included meals on friday, 3 on saturday and one on Sunday to serve your needs during Solmukohta and there’s a bar in the hotel.


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